Internal cleaning is double Economy:


i) Fuel economy


Branded statements are the best documentation:

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ii) Spare parts economy:

Changing an EGR or a Turbo or a DPF or a Catalyst is a costly affair.

Together we help your engine stay clean and always deliver the maximum !!! 



Wanting to determine the quality of our service, we did the following test. In a diesel-powered car with a particulate filter obstruction of DPF = 77.5% we cleaned and then we regenerate. The procedure was performed to determine how much the DPF plummeting drop would be before, during and after purification. As you can see the results are at least excellent! ! ! ECU measurements were carried out by ECU Technician Ηλίας Ντίνας Elias Dinas at our local representative in Larissa Kostas Patsoyras. 

A DPF that goes for a shuttle (costs over 1200 euros) can now do many more miles !!!



The technology of our internal engine cleaning gives new spectacular results every day!


This time in a MERCEDES GLA which had an electronically (brain-diagnosed) problem in the smooth operation of EGR. The problem was diagrammatically followed purification, and here we see the full restoration of EGR smooth operation.

egr mercedes gla Copy




What NGK's say

about carbon deposits on spark plugs

and how they affect combustion:


It is not a theory, it is a reality that we all experience as drivers. Unfortunately, the spark plugs deposits we pay them very expensive at the gas station, and because of its incomplete combustion, it also causes other ancillary problems in various engine components, the exhaust, and even the catalyst. By cleaning the engine, in addition to the sublimation of harmful carbon deposits from the combustion chamber, the carbon is removed and from the spark plug inside the combustion chamber. Results: Complete Combustion, Fuel Saving





By cleaning, you will find changes even in the oils change, at their textures and their density. An engine that is not clean internally has a difficult task. It does not “breathe” properly and is therefore permanently and longer “pushing” than it should be. This has implications for many of its mechanical parts. We, have a beneficial effect on and facilitate its operation.


  On the left is the quality of the oils in the scheduled service.
Right at the next service after we have cleaned up the inside.
ladia hho prin meta A clean engine has less stress, and this has a direct impact on the wear of the oil it uses. Result: Better Lubrication! LUBRICANTS, Together with the other parts we insist on have a single effect: DAILY BENEFIT FOR YOU, Fuel Station to Spare Parts!!







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In cars that we had cleaned,
we measured the exhaust


We re-measured the exhaust after one year  ! ! !

The incredible results in the video !!!

ΕΝ 1 year later

Result and duration ...
We just unite it !!

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What is Carbon Clean optimize

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