After exhaustive end endless tests and many measurements, we have prove what chemistry confirms.

The orthohydrogen mixture is stronger and has better and longer lasting effects.


 There are two different isomeric alleles of the hydrogen interatomic molecules, which differ in the relative rotation of their nuclei.ortho 4 1
Under normal conditions the hydrogen gas is a mixture of two molecular states. These two forms are called orthohydrogen and parahydrogen, and are denoted by o-H2 and π-H2.
In orthohydrogen the spins between the two atoms of the molecule have the same parallel direction . It is a higher energy excited hydrogen alloy, which is 75% more efficient than the stored hydrogen or para-hydrogen.

Orthohydrogen have the most energy.

The general characteristics of hydrogen are:

- Binary

- Odorless

- Colorless

- Tasteless

- Not metal

- Flammable

- Non-oxidizing

- Non-poisonous

- Not harmful to health




it lasts ?

it lasts ?

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In cars that we had cleaned,
we measured the exhaust


We RE-measured the exhaust after one year  ! ! !

The incredible results in the video !!!

ΕΝ 1 year later

Result and duration ...
We just unite it !!

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