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The TOTAL CARBON CLEANER idea​​ was started by Aristogeion Kotsas, in the end of 2010 literally through an amateur workshop. After a lot of research, hundreds of tests and thousands of measurements, in 2012 the first on board electrolysis kits were released with the main aim of reducing consumption.
*After so many years, those kits still work perfectly and customers enjoy a real economy in their pocket.
From the moment we started testing for larger devices, there have been findings that have shown us that using much larger quantities of gas could even clean the engines internally, bringing them back to their original state.
Through studies, trials and evaluations we have found that the greatest, shortest and most efficient results were obtained by using ortho-hydrogen gas mixture, a mixture well known in rocket and space technology.
Today, completing our surveys, our company is now aiming at further upgrading our products and placing them on the world market.

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What is Carbon Clean
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